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Seamless integration of PEAD signing and scheduling in one app.

The fastest and easiest way for Listing agents and Buyers agents to comply with COVID-19 showing protocols while eliminating the inefficiencies and frustrations of coordinating the signing of COVID-19 advisories and the scheduling of showings.

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$39.99 per listing


$19.99 per month, unlimited listings


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Property Entry Now does not charge any administrative, setup or support fees. Helping you get more showings is our mission!


Unlimited Showings

Property Entry Now’s goal is to help agents get as many showings as possible with the least amount of friction.



Stefan Jezycki

Global Real Estate Advisor - Engel & Völkers Napa Valley - CalDRE#01199662

While showing a listing this afternoon, the scheduled showing arrived with a surprise guest whom was important to the buyer to view the house. Not to worry, I have my iPhone and a new app, that allows me to handle a last minute surprise with professionalism and acuity, using Property Entry Now. The surprise guest was brought up to speed - the showing went smoothly. They are now 1 of 4 offers. Loved the adaptability and ease of this newest tool. Thank you.
- 22nd September 2020

Kate Wilkes

Branch Manager - Coldwell Banker - CalDRE#01985372

Property Entry Now is a game changer for Agents and Brokerages. It enables agents to track showings and COVID needed forms. When problems arise this is a quick and easy reference tool for who was in the house and when. It saves time and stress on agents trying to schedule showings and track paperwork.
- 12th September 2020

Samuel Pilli

Broker Associate - Coldwell Banker - CalDRE#01373723

Trying to track down PEAD documents and coordinate scheduling for my listings has been extremely frustrating and inefficient! Combining both functions on one App gives me the ability to set up my listing and forget it!
- 12th September 2020


Frequency Asked Questions:

  • Who is this app designed for?
    • The Property Entry Now app is designed exclusively for licensed real estate agents.


  • How much does Property Entry Now app cost?
    • Property Entry Now is free to download for all agents.
    • For Buyer’s agents, Property Entry Now is free to use for document signing and property visit scheduling purposes.
    • For Listing agents, a $39.99 fee per listing is charged. This fee covers an unlimited number of showings per listing.
    • A subscription for unlimited listings is just $19.99 per month. This fee covers an unlimited number of showings for as long as the subscription remains active.
    • Free! We’re offering 1 active listing free at a time so there’s no risk. To get another listing for free, simply mark any free listing as “Sold.”


  • When I onboard myself, I don’t see my brokerage in the dropdown list. Why?
    • If you don’t see your brokerage, simply enter the name of your brokerage in the text box.


  • I’ve created a listing using Property Entry Now. How do I get buyer’s agents to use it to get the PEAD forms signed and property visits scheduled?
    • Congratulations on your listing! You can copy and paste the following language in the “Private Remarks” section of the MLS listings – “I am using Property Entry Now exclusively to receive all PEAD documents and to schedule showings. The App is pre-loaded with the current PEAD and our broker mandated disclosures. Please go to and download the FREE App to sign the showing documents and schedule an appointment.”


  • How do I get my buyers to digitally sign your documents?
    • In order to use Property Entry Now, you must have a DocuSign account. Property Entry Now will send the listing agent’s pre-loaded documents to your buyers on your behalf using your DocuSign account. If you don’t have a DocuSign account, you can get one here at a discount:


  • How do I share the app with other agents?
    • On the menu at the bottom of the screen, you can share the app by selecting the “INVITE AN AGENT” menu choice.


  • How do I get notified about showings for my listing?
    • Listing agents get notified in-app and via email about new showings for their listing. Included in the email notification are links to the signed PEAD documents. The signed documents are also viewable within the app.


  • How do I share showing instructions with the buyer’s agents?
    • When you create a listing, you’re given the opportunity to include any specific showing instructions including Covid protocols, combo box codes, Supra CBS codes, etc. This information will be shared via Email with the buyer’s agents upon receipt of the signed PEAD documents and scheduled showing.


  • Can I schedule multiple properties using the same PEAD form?
    • Property Entry Now currently allows only one property per PEAD form.


  • My brokerage requires additional COVID documents to sign in addition to the PEAD form. How can these forms be included in my listings?


  • I want to have buyer’s agents to call me to setup their showing appointment.
    • When setting up a new listing, simply identify the listing as an Appointment Only listing. This will prompt the buyer’s agent to call/text/email you first before using the app to schedule the appointment.


  • Can PEAD forms be signed with 24 hours of the showing?
    • Yes! When setting up the listing, simply check the Day of PEAD signing option. The app will not allow PEAD signing before 24 hours of the showing.

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